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About Us

Striving to create new trends


From Biology to Retailology

Back in 2008, after completing MSc in Biomedical Science, I started working in a hospital laboratory. As a hobby, I used to sell watches and jewellery to the staff members on our hospital online forum. Gradually, the interest developed and I moved on to selling the same items on Ebay. Since then, I’ve gained sufficient experience, knowledge and insight in the quality of the products and the suppliers.

I’ve slowly dedicated more and more time in pursuing my hobby to the point that this interest has grown into a full-time career. What About Wood is a business which is based on passion, experience and dedication. It is a company that defines character, uniqueness and style.


After investing years into market research, we bring to you the best quality products from top rated suppliers at affordable prices. We have suppliers from all around the world who specialise in products made from wood. Every piece in our store provides a stylish experience and a distinctive look adding a level of poise and confidence to any event.

Our range of Exclusive Products are one of their kind. What makes them unique is that these products are designed and hand-crafted by our creative artists and only one such piece is created for each design.

Take A Look At Our Latest Products

We provide excellent quality products to customers across the globe.

Unbeatable Quality

All our products our made from 100% natural wood. We provide top quality wooden watches, sunglasses and accessories.

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We not only offer affordable products, We send them free of cost.

Free Shipping

No minimum order or coupon code required. We offer free shipping on all our products.

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We strive to keep you happy. Our succcess depends on it.

Happy Customers

We focus on fulfilling our customers’ expectations by delivering professional, helpful and high quality service.

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